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Technology development for low-cost, non-chromatography-based, large-scale protein purification

We pioneered automated techniques for customization of a low-cost, highly effective large scale protein purification technique – aqueous two-phase partitioning (ATPP). Wide-scale utilization of ATPP in the biological process industry was limited, primarily due to lack of efficient means to develop product-specific process chemistry. We have demonstrated in multiple real-world projects that ATPPS could be rapidly developed for product-specific conditions in different expression systems, including plant, bacteria and mammalian-based systems.

Rapid signature-based structural analysis of proteins, for multiple applications, including quality control, lot release, comparability, biosimilarity and related applications

Our fingerprint (signature)-like techniques provide rapid, low-cost, easy means to classify biological samples according to their structural similarity to other well-characterized samples. The technology and services are available to analysis of in-process structural quality (including PAT), batch-to-batch consistency, product comparability and development of biosimilar products, among others.

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