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Large Scale Purification Quick Facts

The Problem: The remarkable acceleration in the discovery rate of new protein-based products is straining downstream processing, most critically, chromatography-based purification technologies. Upcoming cost pressures on biologics production from biosimilar products mandate development of efficient solutions to the costliest part of the process: protein purification.

The Solution: Aqueous two-phase partitioning is widely recognized as a highly effective, inexpensive, easily scalable technology - but its development can be a complex and imprecise science. We developed a service-based technology for rapid development and optimization of bioseparation conditions using aqueous two-phase partitioning systems with unique advantages.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid, highly automated combinatorial searches from a library of thousands of potential biphasic system candidates
  • Computerized optimization techniques for achieving a balance between yield, cost, and degree of purification
  • Experience with multiple protein product classes, and with different expression systems
  • Low risk by staged process development, with proof-of-concept available after first phase
  • No further process development and adaptation required during scale-up
  • Final process implemented using standard low-cost equipment, such as multi-stage centrifuges and settling tanks

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