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AnalizaDx, LLC, is a subsidiary of ANALIZA, Inc., founded in 2006 to focus on discovery and commercialization of a new class of protein biomarkers found in biological fluids such as blood, by using exclusively licensed technology for cancer diagnostics.

AnalizaDx has developed and patented a low-cost, automated blood/urine test that will dramatically improve cancer detection across multiple forms and stages of the disease. Early cancer detection is critical to successful cancer treatment because treatment therapies typically become less effective once the disease has progressed. Unlike conventional biomarker technologies that measure the amount of a disease-related protein in a patient, AnalizaDx technology actually identifies biomarkers based on changes to their structure. This platform technology is extremely sensitive, specific, and applicable across a broad range of cancers. AnalizaDx technology is protected under broad patented claims and has the potential to redefine cancer detection, diagnosis, progression, and prognosis.

AnalizaDx technology is based on a powerful yet simple approach. A small sample of blood or other biological fluid is placed into a vial that contains two aqueous-based liquids that naturally separate – similar to how oil and water behave. The test simply measures how certain target proteins distribute between the two liquids in the vial. Proteins that have undergone structural changes due to the presence of cancer will distribute differently between the two liquids than those corresponding to normal samples.

The patented AnalizaDx technology offers significant advantages versus conventional biomarker cancer testing. Specifically, AnalizaDx technology:

  • is largely insensitive to significant variations in blood protein levels that naturally occur from patient to patient because AnalizaDx tests are based on protein structure changes, not on absolute protein levels in the body
  • makes screening and diagnosis very affordable because it works with existing, standard lab equipment in a cost-effective, high-throughput manner
  • uses readily available biological fluids, such as blood, urine or saliva
  • is equally applicable across a broad range of cancers

AnalizaDx is presently engaged in multiple clinical studies in two cancers – ovarian and prostate - with leading U.S. and international hospitals and diagnostics companies, and with the National Cancer Institute.

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