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Physicochemical Properties

Founded in 1996 in Cleveland, OH, Analiza, Inc. is a leading US based provider of high quality, affordable analytical services for physicochemical and ADME properties for early drug discovery markets. Adapting gold standard methods for compatibility with early drug discovery (throughput, sample requirements, turnaround time, and cost), Analiza developed the first automated, miniaturized, shake flask system for LogD in 1999. In 2005 this platform became the foundation of Analiza’s current Contract Research Organization operational base. Since 2005 Analiza has provided over 150,000 solubility measurements, 45,000 LogD measurements and 2,500 pKa measurements. Analiza extends the in-house physchem and ADME profiling capabilities of small and large pharma and biotech alike. We do the grunt work when you can’t.

Guarantee: Data delivered in 72 hours or less

Physicochemical Properties

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