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Chemical Stability

We understand that different therapeutic areas and programs have different needs, so we work with you to identify the best screening strategy for you, maximizing your budget while enabling you to identify compound liabilities in real time with our chemical stability assay.

Highly unstable compounds can lead to ambiguous in vitro biological data and may not be suitable candidates for development.  Our automated short-term chemical stability assay mimics the short gastrointestinal transit time and in vitro biology conditions, delivering stability-pH profiles in as little as 72 hours. On this time scale, project teams can not only identify liabilities and avoid ambiguous data but also develop appropriate compound modification strategies before the compound progresses.

assay requirements

Compound Requirements

  • 25 μL of 10mM DMSO stock solution

Test Compound Concentration

  • 100 µM

Time Points

  • 0, 30, 60, 1440 min (other times available)

Assay Media

  • SGF, pH 1.2
  • SIF, pH 6.5
  • PBS, pH 7.4
  • Universal Buffer, pH 9.0
  • Other media available upon request

Incubation Temperatures

  • Ambient
  • 37˚C

Analysis Method


Data Delivery

  • Percent parent compound remaining at each time point


Quotes available upon request for:

  • Screening
  • Method Development

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