Miniaturized Shake-Flask logD/logPPhysicochemical Properties


Whether you’re tight on budget, time, or internal capacity Analiza offers a   logD/logP assay to meet your needs.  We understand the fast timelines and scarce compound availability associated with discovery operations so we scaled down the gold standard shake-flask method to deliver accurate, uncompromised data from just 30 μL of 10mM DMSO stock solutions on your schedule.

Single point assays provide robust rank order classification of compounds under physiologically relevant conditions.  For a more thorough investigation into their in vitro behavior our vast library of proprietary partitioning systems allows us to quickly and affordably deliver true shake-flask pH-logD profiles across the physiologically relevant pH range without buffer composition artifacts.   

Using measured pKa data, logP is determined under conditions at which the compound is neutral.   

We leverage our experience with tens of thousands of compounds to design a screening strategy that is right for you.

Fast and Flexible:  The studies below were performed using a Universal Buffer, providing buffering capacity across the entire pH range without altering the media composition, allowing for an unambiguous pH-dependent lipophilicity profile. The figure represents a series of closely related proprietary compounds and illustrates the significance of pH when determining the lipophilicity of an ionizable compound.

Sulfamethizole: Lipophilicity vs. pH Profile

Ionizable Compounds: Lipophilicity pH Dependence

assay requirements


  • Miniaturized Shake-Flask, ocatanol in equilibrium with buffer

Compound Requirements

  • 30 μL of 10mM DMSO stock solution

Dose Concentration

  • Single Point:  1mM (others available)
  • 3 Pt Conc. Dependence: 1, 0.5, 0.1 mM

Assay Buffer Composition

  • Single Point: PBS, pH 7.4 (others available)
  • 4 Pt. pH-logD Profile: Universal Buffer, pH 2, 4, 7.4, 9 (others available)

Analytical Range

  • -3 ≤ logD/P ≤ 4

Quantitation Method

  • CLND

Data Delivery

  • logD/logP


Quotes available upon request for:

  • Single point determination
  • Four point pH-logD profiling
  • Three-point concentration dependence

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