pKaPhysicochemical Properties


We scaled back the compound requirements to deliver accurate pKa data from just 30 μL of 10mM DMSO stock solution, because we understand that you cannot spare mLs of material for a single measurement during the discovery phase.  We also understand that the timescale for discovery options is measured in hours not days or weeks so we guarantee data delivery faster than anyone else in the industry.

Capillary electrophoresis separations are carried out in parallel across 24 equally spaced pH’s between 1.8 and 11.2.  The compound migration time is monitored relative to a neutral marker (DMSO), and a titration curve is generated from this data.

assay requirements


  • pKa PRO Analyzer (AATI): 24 point parallel capillary electrophoresis with quantitation by UV absorbance at 214 nm or 229 nm.   

Compound Requirements

  • 30 μL of 10mM DMSO stock solution
  • Aqueous: Intrinsic Solubility >10  μg/mL
  • Co-solvent  Intrinsic Solubility >1  μg/mL

Test Compound Concentration

  • 100 µM

Analytical Range

  • pKa 1.75-11.2

Data Delivery

  • pKa(s)
  • 24 point titration curve


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